Across New England, people are joining the Keep Local Farms movement and finding ways to support local dairy farms.  Together, we can help dairy farms preserve open land that supplies beautiful scenery, outdoor recreation and wildlife habitat.  View the tabs below to see how you can get involved and make a difference.

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Students, you are the driving force behind change in schools and communities because of your online ingenuity and off-line enthusiasm. We need your help to organize events, educate consumers, and rally public support for this important program.

Whether your school is a Keep Local Farms partner or not, use these ideas for your club, fraternity/sorority, or group project.

  • Do you know your local dairy farmers? Research information about dairy farmers in your area. Create a bulletin board, poster or exhibit with this information to increase awareness about dairy farming throughout your school community.
  • Cool stool: Work with the appropriate businesses and/or administrators to designate chairs that can be decorated by clubs and organizations on campus. These organizations would be able to decorate a chair for a fee and all contributions would go to the Keep Local Farms program.
  • Mooove to the music: Host a benefit concert and contribute all proceeds to Keep Local Farms.


As a consumer concerned with your community and supporting local agriculture, there are ways to help:

  • Buy milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products at the grocery store.  If you can, purchase dairy products that are made locally in our region.
  • Support businesses and organizations that display the Keep Local Farms logo.  Visit our Partners pageto find out more.
  • Join the conversation. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (@KeepLocalFarms) or subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter list to stay informed on program progress and new ways to get involved!


Maintaining a viable dairy industry in New England is necessary in order to provide local dairy products to future generations. We believe Keep Local Farms will help achieve this goal and we invite all New England dairy farmers to join us.

Dairy farmers can join Keep Local Farms by becoming members of the New England Family Dairy Farm Cooperative (NEFDFC). As a member of NEFDFC you will be eligible to receive payments from Keep Local Farms twice a year that will help provide additional income to offset your rising on-the-farm costs.

Already a member? There is more that you can do.

  • Send us your farmer profile: Consumers love to read about New England farmers and what they do on a daily basis. Fill out the farmer profile form and send it to with a picture attached. Select profiles will be highlighted in the Meet Local Farmers section of the website.
  • Share your story: Now, more than ever, we need to spread the good word about modern dairy farming practices and the commitment of dairy farmers in caring for their animals, protecting the environment, and producing sustainable, nutritious and safe products. Consider starting a blog about your farm and creating a Facebook page or Twitter account. These online tools can help you share information about modern dairy farming with interested consumers. Start by sharing your story with friends and neighbors and then expand your efforts online. Visit for tools and resources to help you.