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Tourist and adventurers from the four corners of the planet earth come to Japan and specifically Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the major cities in the world. It has come to be the best and the top world destinations of many people despite; of race, traditions, and religions.

If you also plan to join other world travelers to Tokyo Japan then, you should keep in mind that, Tokyo has a vast metropolis. Which will require you to prepare before, you take flights to Tokyo. Due to new things you do not know about the city, and to avoid the culture shock when you arrive, you need to read this text and view that will give you all you expect to see in Tokyo and all you need to have before going to Tokyo Japan.

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Things to keep in mind before Touring Tokyo

Japanese Greetings

It is the human etiquettes, which you follow and have the same and understandable greeting style it with the people hosting you. In Japan, it is cultural when greeting the person who is of lower age or status bows first and grows more deeply than the higher age. Try to practice this by watching Japanese movies and observe the greetings. In many cases, they will accept handshakes for visitors. However, to reduce this because you have read these try to apply the right greeting system.

Dining out in Japan

Find some common expressions used when ordering meals. For example, you can use (itadakimasu), which is a polite word to indicate staying together before the meals when with your age mates. Japanese have the custom of giving positive compliments to the chef. So before you leave a hotel after finishing your meals try to say thank you (gochisousama.) Which I will direct that you find the best Japanese word that means thank you.


Unlike many countries of the world, Japan drives typically on the left side of the lane. These means that the driver’s side is proportionate to the far right side. Japanese car read their speed in kilometers per hour. If you are from the United Kingdom, where cars speed is recorded in miles per hour you have to learn the conversion formula to avoid over speeding. Only permits from Geneva year 1949 drivers are allowed to drive in the Tokyo highways. With the license, the holder can drive in Tokyo for one year. Tokyo is the only city with limited lanes for bikes, so make you self-aware that you have to share the road.

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Religion wears

Japanese do not allow wearing shoe especially when near holy places like near the temple. So wear sacred slippers any time you are provided with them. Information on which sandals are used in particular occasion is found on the Internet. For instance, slippers wear in the washrooms you are not accepted to wear them in the city to avoid the spread of germs and outbreak of some diseases. Considering that taking off the shoe is a norm and also wearing slippers is another norm. Learning and adopting the real and same culture with the Japanese will not only make your trip enjoyable but also will enhance the interaction with the Japanese.